"Jen was the most amazing speaker I have ever listened to.  She had my full attention, and I have learned so much.  She moved me more with her speech than anyone else has."  Student participant, Queen's University

"Wow, that was awesome.  Jen was very easy to listen to.  She spoke from the heart and was sincere in her presentation.  That's what made it special for me.  Her use of humour made it a really comfortable environment."  Kim Birstonas, Student Life Finance Officer, Georgian College

"The session encouraged and inspired me that we can make a difference."  Student participant, University of Alberta

"Very motivational for the entire staff team.  The staff related that they now had a better understanding of why we do what we do...clearly Jen's presentation was very enlightening for them!"  Corinna Fitzgerald, Residence Manager, McMaster University

"Jen's presentations are dynamic and engaging.  She uses humour and compassion to create an environment where students feel comfortable and relaxed.  It is the environment that allows them to really listen to the messages that are being relayed, and compelled to make a difference upon leaving."  Angela Garnett, Assistant Director - Residential Life, University of New Brunswick

"Honest inspiration, with nothing held back.  Thank you for trusting us with your stories."  Student participant, University of Alberta

"I felt that Jen was diplomatic, caring, honest but very clear.  I was impressed by her display of respect for people and her commitment to educating people."  Liane Cheshire M.S.Ed, Counsellor, Career & Student Success, Georgian College

"Jen gives a riveting presentation, engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking and down-to-earth. Her delivery was powerful and touched the spirit of those present. I was extremely impressed by her ability to capture the attention and hearts of the audience. Jen has a unique ability to convey a serious and important message, while using humour effectively throughout her presentation. Jen's talk inspired staff members to examine the priorities in their life and in their role in residence life. Thanks Jen!"   Casey Phillips, College Residence Life Coordinator, Trent University

"Jen has a unique ability to interact with her audience by tapping into their senses with music. Her message is well spoken, filled with truth and inspires student leaders to explore the world of leadership while embracing diversity. I have had the privilege of hearing Jen speak on several occasions and each time she connects with her audience leaving them with the ambition and drive to make a difference in their communities. Jen's presentation is a great motivator for any staff training or speaker series."  Lara Hof, Residence Manager, University of Windsor

"She did a fantastic job speaking; covered a "touchy-felly" topic leaving me feeling like I got something out of it."  Student participant, Queen's University

"She is a delight to listen to.  It was the first time that I listened to somebody constantly for the whole time."  Student participant, Queen's University



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